by Harsh Armadillo

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Harsh's 3rd installment of grooves for your ears and soul.


released June 21, 2018

Recorded, engineered, mixed and produced by Alan Evans at IronWax Studios in Erving, MA.
Produced and mixed by Harsh Armadillo.
Mastered by Brad Smalling at Evergroove Studio in Denver, CO.

Harsh Armadillo is:
Andrea Belaidi - Vocals
Thomas Forbes - Bass & Vocals
Dan Tauriello - Drums & Harshness
Max Harris - Saxophone & Backing Vocals
Camden Riley - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Dimitry Harris - Keyboards, Organ & Synth
Aiden Earley - Guitar

Nick Murray - Trumpet
Josh Gagnon - Trombone


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Harsh Armadillo Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Harsh Armadillo is five guys and a girl who don't sleep until you've burnt through your insoles, and tried that breakdance move from your fifth grade talent show. They create original music for moving to-- a combination of funk and hip-hop roots with the bass, the drums, the horns, and the voices that hit like a vitamin for your soul. Get more at ... more

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Track Name: Gravy
Look to leave me hanging on, by a thread of time
I can’t play these games with you, for the sake of my mind
And all I have is a little sunshine that just won’t wait
Great things to come from the time we use to create

Give me all you have to give, and I’ll give you mine
You can say that you’re not ready, but I’m in my prime
And all I want is a piece of your love that I can taste
Come talk with me, let’s not bother with the chase.

The faster she sees
Her flower it bleeds
Slowly she shrinks
Cannot provide her own nourishment
And the faster her means
Envelope in between
Ever after
A disaster
But there's light ahead
Wherever she wants to grow
The seed it will show
Time will tell you must always listen to yourself
And the love she placed in you will sink in deep blue
Farther ahead
Time will reveal itself to lend
Apart as we were tho
We took our time
And whether loud or lulled we gave it all our light
And all that passed was a piece of her past that couldn't wait
Ooo yes it may seem gravy
But it's her past that misbehaved
Ooooo her past that misbehaved
She didn't want you be misunderstood

Although her time
Cannot rewind
So far ahead
Rest be this mess
Itself to lend
Track Name: Two Wishes and A Truth
Whatever you may call it, might just be a surprise
There’s no stopping what I’m feeling now, even if I try
Touch my feet to the bare ground, to feel stone beneath bone
Close my eyes with the sunrise, when I open them I’m back home.

Yes I said I could fall into your loving arms stay in truth
Two wishes marked the line
Weighted time I held all of mine
You still sat there rubbing golden light
Unscrewed to which way is right
Turn the pages in your mind
Don't stand in line
Walk on by
To your high

You claim to know everything, I don’t know why you try
I would rather know nothing at all, and just fly on by
They claim the sky’s the limit, to the knowledge of man
But most certainly, some things you just can’t understand.

Yes you said you could fall into these restless questions in use
Find that glue right in view
Then You fell thru that was all I knew
I still wondered how to speak to you when all you heard was breeze
Naturally these come in threes
As they do
Truth will come to you
Don't push thru
It's patience that moves
Trust your groove
Track Name: Animal
A new fight, under the moonlight
A new time to find what we have
I sure won’t miss the past no more,
Finally got time to be glad
Think of all those little things,
That you never think about
Drink tonight like kings and queens,
Brushing away the doubt.

I would sooner wed the smell of you
Softer than honey
Wetter than morning dew
Fingertips thru your hair
Passing thru me electrically aware
Tangled limbs instinct like wind
You didn't have to take control
Lay you down
Love you whole
You wild soul
Falling into your zone
No words but no delay
Feel me forever animal way

Call it direct respect, direct the dialect
Disconnect the faces that plan to separate us
Derail the understanding that we had in common,
Prevail once unity is an available option.
Bombing the vicinity, alarming the civility with charming tranquility
And willing to be a beacon of positivity,
Any sort of support still seems surreal to me.
Feel freedom with the touch of your fingertips
A real reason why you’d wanna rush into it,
A season much needed,
Some good old inspiration and reason that I can believe in.
You can call it that good feelin’
Getting whisked away by the clouds and the waves
And on every day, I must remember to say
A plus to trust a human who’s willing to stay.
Track Name: Live Action
As far as she hopes
Super man is scooping her up
As far as she can tell
Her windows open for love
Patiently she's waiting for the return of her self explored mind take one second listen to me I know there's uncertainty
And whether we measure
All the time in the future is never
Wrongly listed like before
Her future is doomed and this time there's no encore

As far as she knows her problems stem from everyone else
As far as she can tell
Her life is on a loop it won't melt
Aimlessly she's waiting for decisions made for her future stop and take one second listen to me don't settle for underneath
Cause the lever is clever
All the power you hold is forever
Super man ain't coming forth
Her future has bloomed and this time she hears applause
Ooo she feels like something is new
Bend or break her feelings
Change just like the seasons
You beg her for just some of her time
All she knows is her powers still yet flows
Nervous yet you're learning
Her fingertips are burning
Hold on tightly to yours
She'll give us one more time